While the Oistrakh Symphony of Chicago needs donations to help fund our initiatives, it is equally important that we have friends who can help us achieve our mission by introducing us to other friends who:

  • Own or manage venues with a footprint that can accommodate a small orchestra. We are interested in performing in non-traditional places like bars and stages with patrons unaccustomed to symphonic music

  • Know composers interested in writing original music for the OSC

  • Or performers who work in genres other than symphonic music who would be interested in creating fusion music with the OSC

  • Broadcast, telecast or print journalists who might be interested in learning about the OSC

  • People connected to the Chicago Public Schools or individual schools, public or private, where the OSC can help young students appreciate symphonic music

  • Classical musicians interested in auditioning for the OSC

  • Of course, it would nice if they donated money to the OSC or introduced us to companies and/or foundations that support the arts