Classical Giving


Since we began our series INSIDE OSC a few weeks ago, the Oistrakh Symphony of Chicago has been looking at some of the ways that classical music brings richness to people's lives.

We began with a description of the idea that OSC calls "Music for All", in order to better share the vision that guides all of our efforts. Since this is the basis for what we do, we have also made it the foundation of our Giving Tuesday campaign, which we have named "Classical Giving". "Many of us seek experiences that give meaning, clarity, and richness to our lives," it read. "At the Oistrakh Symphony of Chicago, as is true for so many music lovers, we find that classical music offers these experiences. And we want to share this with you through our richly inclusive idea called "Music for All".

We wanted to get a little more insight into the many ways that classical music enriches the lives of those who perform it, teach it, and just enjoy it, so we began a series of stories that will extend throughout the year, speaking with members of the Oistrakh Symphony community. In the first of these stories, Concertmaster Dmitri Pogorelov shared some wonderful ideas with us. "The pleasure of listening to music is so wonderfully satisfying," Dmitri told us. "There's great music out there for every time of day, every age, every season, every mood, every occasion. As a listener, I'm so thankful for these countless moments of comfort and enjoyment."

We also spoke to principal flutist Patrick Tsuji. "Classical Music has allowed me to collaborate with a diverse collective of musicians," he told us. "Classical music has given me a strong sense of camaraderie with my colleagues. I definitely feel the camaraderie within the Oistrakh Symphony and I believe it creates a healthy and successful performance environment.”

Writing to Oistrakh Symphony supporters about our Classical Giving campaign for Giving Tuesday, Music Director Mina Zikri had this to say about Music for All: "Music for All embraces the emotional, inspirational, and educational impact that classical music has on each of us. The Oistrakh Symphony of Chicago delivers "Music for All" through performances with renowned and emerging soloists, mentorships of rising artists, and partnerships that feature new and exciting concert formats."


If you would like to help us share our vision of Music for All in 2019, your donation will make it possible for us to bring Music for All to more listeners, more students, more young people, and more music lovers throughout the year. There is something for each of us in classical music, and that is the discovery that The Oistrakh Symphony of Chicago will be sharing throughout the years to come.

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